Mahavir Tube Corporation is one of theDistributor/Stockist HYLOC Brand High Pressure Hydraulic Tube Fittings for MM OD Tubes. M/s Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt. Ltd., Belgaum (India), is manufacturing Hyloc Fittings since last two and half decades. Hyloc has established its name in the field of Hydraulics as a quality-Fitting Manufacturer.

Hyloc is in the process of getting certification of ISO-9000.

Vickers System International Ltd., Pune.
Yuken India Ltd., Bangalore.
Bemco Hydraulics Ltd. Belgaum.
and many more companies have standardised on Hyloc products.Hyloc products are well accepted in International Market.


Apart from Tube Fittings, Hyloc also manufactures Allied Control Valves like:
Shut Off/Needle Valves
Guage Isolators
Quick Disconnect Couplings
Throttle cum Check Valves
Accumulater Safety Blocks.
Velocity Fuse
Minimess Couplings
Clamps etc.

All products are available Ex-Stocks products that are not available. Ex-stock are made available in a period of two weeks.

See the Product Range:

Tube Fitting as per IS 8805


Also available Carbon Steel High Pressure Hydraulic Seamless of above Ermetto Fittings - Stock available



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Tube Fitting as per IS 8805

Tube to tube fittings :
Straight Couplings, Equal Elbow, Equal Tee an Equal Cross fittings.

Male Stud Fittings:
Parallel male stud fittings, Elbows and Elastomeric seals and 'O' ring Sealing (BSP, Metric and UNF stud ends) Taper Male stud fittings and Elbows (BSPT and NPT stud ends).

Bulkhead fittings:
Straught and Elbow Bulkhead fittings.

Weld Fittings:
Saddle Boss, Weldable Nipples.

Female stud fittings:
Straight Female stud fittings, Pressure guage adaptors.

Reducers :
Male/Female thread adaptors, Reducing standpipes.

Nominal Pressure rating for images:
Series L.L - 4,6,8,10,12 -100 bar
Series L - 6,8,10,12,15,18 -315 bar
..............-22,28,35,42-160 bar
Series H- 6,8,10,12,14 -630 bar
.............-16,20,25,30 - 400 bar
.............- 38 o.d. ......-315 bar


Buttweld type Solid, Swivel, Socket and Blind Flanges
conforming to mounting interface as per SAE J518c, ISO 6162, ISO6164 standards in High Pressure and Standard Pressure Series


Tube and Pipe Clamps :
These are used in installations to provide rigid support to the pipes both in lateral and longitudinal directions relieving stresses caused by unequal movements in the pipe line. The use of clamps will also prevent the transmission of vibrations from the pipe to the frame and vice versa. Loosening of joints, welds and leakage in the systems can be avoided by rigidity.

These are available in metric series from -
Tube o.d of 6mm to 150mm as well as in Inch series from pipe o.d of 1/4" to 6.1/2" and NB tubes from 1/8" to 6"














Shut Off valves and Needle Valves:
These are two way, seat type valves. These are used for isolating the oil flow. The valves are available in sub plate munting. In-line and Right angle style.

Size range - G 1/4, G 3/8, G 1/2, G 3/4, G1, G1 1/4, G1 1/2.
Pressure Rating - 350 bar.



Shut Off valves ( Screw in and Slip in Cartridge):
These valves are with replacable cartridge. Balanced poppet construction to reduce operating forces. The valves are available in Sub-plate mounting. In-line and right angle style.

Screw in Cartridge Size range - NG 16, NG25.
Pressure Rating - 315 bar.

Slip in Cartridge Size range - NG 16, NG25, NG32, NG40, NG50, NG63, NG80 & NG100
Pressure Rating - 400 bar.


Guage Isolating Valves:
These valves are used for checking the system pressure to which it is connected. These valves are available in Sub-plate mounting and panel mounting style.

Suitable for Guage- G 1/4, G 3/8, G 1/2,
Pressure Rating - 315 bar.


Adjustable Throttle and Throttle/Check Valves:
Trottle Valves allow adjustable throttled flow in both the directions. Throttle / Check valves give adjustable flow in one direction and allow free flow in opposite direction

Size range - G 1/4, G 3/8, G 1/2, G 3/4, G1, G1 1/4, G1 1/2.
Pressure Rating - 315 bar.


Quick Disconnect Couplings :
These are designed for applications where fast connections and disconnection of hydraulic lines is a need of the system.
These couplings when connected offer unrestricted flow passage. These are designes for reliable and safe operations by avoiding permature flow before the coupling is fully closed.

Size range - G 1/4, G 3/8, G 1/2, G 3/4, G1
Pressure Rating - 400 to 800 bar.


Minimess Couplings :
These are intended to provide facility to access system pressure for the purpose of pressure measurement. For transmitting pressure through these couplings to the measuring devices, no special tools are needed. These couplings can be connected by hand even at rated pressure.
These couplings also can be used for purging air from the system.

Size for hose ends - M16 x 1.5, M16 x 2.0
..............................special threads 12 x 1.5

Pressure Rating - 400 bar.



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