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Boiler Tubes

Boiler Tubes are specially manufactured to withstand high pressure and temperature.

Heat Exchanger Tubes

Heat Exchanger Tubes are defined as heat exchangers that can transfer heat.

High/Low Temp Services

Our extensive lineup of High/Low Temperature services Pipes/Tubes.

Precision Pipes/Tubes

Precision Pipes/Tubes is expanded the diameter of the pipe to finish the process.

Mechanical Tubes

Mechanical tubing is used in machined or formed parts of industrial, automotive, farm machinery.

Line Pipes

Line Pipe is a type of steel pipe that is used for transporting materials through pipelines.

Structural Pipes/Tubes

These Stainless Steel Seamless Structure Pipes are basically used for structural and piping.

Casing & Tubing

Our casing and tubing pipes are manufactured according to API grades.

Line Pipe with 3 Layers

3LPE / 3LPP Coating is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components.

Pipe/Tube for Coupling and Casings

Tubing is a distinct pipe, installed in production casing after well cementing.


A coupling is a mechanical element part that connects two shafts together.